What Apps Make The Perfect Homescreen?

R.I.P. to my much beloved iPhone 4. 2010-2014.

my dead phone

It was a long time coming. Anyone who knew me knew that I probably should have got a new phone ages ago. I was holding on to that iPhone even though it had been showing signs of death for probably half a year. Not to mention, it probably didn’t help that I was still running iOS 5 on it, even though most of the world was already up to iOS 7.

I know, I need a new phone, but I can’t decide on which one I really want right now, so instead I’ve borrowed a friend’s iPhone 4 (again).

However, once I turned this phone on and plugged it in to get my apps on it, I was automatically upgraded to iOS 7. While I’m not completely against it (I kept my old phone on iOS 5 because it was jailbroken and I loved that), it has opened up my world to new apps.

On my old phone, because I was still on an old OS, I would constantly go to download new interesting looking apps only to be met with a message that said, “This app requires iOS 6/7 or higher to install.” So, there was a lot of apps I wound up not getting.

Well, now I can finally get all those apps. Problem is, I don’t remember what most of those apps I wanted were now.

I now have the opportunity to reconstruct my perfect homepage with any app I want. But I can’t remember what most of the apps I want are. That’s why I’m going to ask you (yes you, the person reading this), what apps are your must have on your phone’s homescreen?

Here’s what my current homepage looks like (keep in mind that it loaded like this based on a backup from last October):

My Current iIhone Homescreen

Some of these things I NEED to keep on this page, because they contribute to my perfect homescreen. But there’s also a lot I’m willing to switch out.

I also think that if enough people start to answer my question, you may get some great ideas for some must-have apps for your own homescreen.

So tell me, what apps are a must have for your perfect phone homescreen?


There are some really good ones now. Like "you are not so smart" "99% invisible" "unmarketing" "foundation" just to name a few

40deuce moderator

@chriskleslie  Hmmmm, I don't really listen to as many podcasts as I used to. But thanks for weighing in Chris!