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Someone Needs To Say This About Hoverboards…

I know I’m fighting a losing battle with this one, but someone needs to say something because I just can’t stand it anymore…   THIS is a hoverboard:   THIS is a hoverboard:   THIS is (sort of) a hoverboard: via GIPHY   THIS is┬áNOT a hoverboard: Why do people insist on calling these things… Continue Reading

Why Are You Complaining About The #ALSIceBucketChallenge?

The #ALSIceBucketChallenge has hit official viral status. And of course, that means that people are going to start complaining and attacking it. But you know what I have to say those people? SHUT UP! I’ve seen 2 specific complaints about the #ALSIceBucketChallenge that I’d like to address. The first one is the worst one. People… Continue Reading

Ice Cream In The Winter

Ice cream is amazing all the time. Period. I was on my way to hang out with a friend of mine the other week and as I was on my way to her place I passed a convenience store and thought maybe I’d pick up a snack or something for us. So, I gave her… Continue Reading

My Beef With Women On Tinder

I’ve probably stated it before, a few times, but I’m not really one for online dating. I’ve never signed myself up for an online dating site and I don’t see myself doing it anytime soon. However, I have had a lot of friends, mainly women, try to convince me to try online dating recently. I… Continue Reading

Where Does Money Go?

More┬áspecifically, where does MY money go? I’ve been asking myself this question for a couple of months now, and to be honest I have no fucking idea. It sucks. I make a pretty decent living from my job. Of course, I always want more and always feel like I’m being underpaid, but that’s another story…. Continue Reading

My Bank Is Ripping Me Off

Yes, yours is likely ripping you off as well, but mine is doing it differently. Now I usually don’t use platforms like this to complain about stuff, but this happened to me twice in December and kind of pissed me off. I’m hoping that bringing it to public attention will help to get someone to… Continue Reading

BREAKING NEWS: Some Twitter Accounts Are Fake…. A Rant

I usually tend to not let myself get caught up in petty shit. Nay, I go out of my way to avoid petty shit in life. I don’t know why, but this was bothering me all last night, so I’ve decided to throw my hat in on some of this petty stuff and then I’ll… Continue Reading