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Get Your Memories In Order For 2016… And Ever

If my computer and backup drive were to both die one day, there’s very few things that would really be missed. Most of┬áthe things on my computer could be got again. But the one thing I’d miss is my insane collection of pictures that I’ve taken over the years. Since I got a digital camera… Continue Reading

Ok, I Quantified Myself. Now What?

The idea of the “Quantified Self” keeps on gaining more and more traction. First there was FitBits and step counters, then Nike Fuelbands and now Samsung has a fitness watch and Apple is planning on coming out with Health Book in their next iOS release. I bought a Nike Fuelband when they first got released… Continue Reading

Daft Punk Hype Is Reaching Critical Levels

If you like music at all, even just a little bit, there’s a good chance you like Daft Punk. Even if it’s just one song that you heard on the radio or in a commercial once, there’s just something about the music they make that people like. And by now, most people know that there’s… Continue Reading

Cooking With Booze for The Courvoisier Collective

As I’ve said before, I love cooking. That’s why I was super excited when I got contacted about a cooking contest being put on by Courvoisier. The best part is, the contest is open to you as well as me. The Courvoisier Collective is a cool contest where they’re putting out an open call to… Continue Reading

See “High School” The Movie Before Anyone Else

This is pretty cool. I just got this blog up and running less than a week ago and already I’ve been given the chance to give something away to anyone that’s reading it. High School is a new movie coming out soon, but I’ve got a chance for people to see it early. This is… Continue Reading

First Post!

Welcome to the first ever post on my brand new blog! As you can tell from the picture I’ve chosen above, this blog isn’t going to be something professional at all. For those of you that know me, I’m sure you’re expecting me to have a blog about social media marketing and business. Well, I… Continue Reading